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ChiChi for Adoption!

Boca Raton, Fl -ChiChi is soon ready for adoption! We are accepting applications now! ChiChi will get her second surgery for her jaw the week of August 10th. Then, the cone and soft muzzle finally comes off! She’s going to feel like a brand new doggy! Dr. Fuentes did an incredible job at saving and repair her badly broken jaw (we pulled her from Miami Dade shelter after seeing her post with her jaw dangling from being broken so badly). Here is some info on Miss ChiChi:
*she loves being held like a baby and having her belly rubbed
*about 13 pounds and 8 years or so
* she loves loves loves sleeping and insists on plenty of naps throughout the day. She sleeps throughout the entire night
*would make a perfect tv/Netflix companion
*CALM/QUIET household is a must ( no small children as that would be too much for her)
*Mimi thinks she is a cat, so sometimes she loves cuddles and affection, while other times she pretends not to hear you when being called
*little heffer/very food motivated
*fully vaccinated
* will want to be the only dog as she wants her human’s attention to herself
*peepee paid trained (does have occasional accidents if not taken out routinely)
*loves walks!
*must be located in Palm Beach, Broward or Palm Beach County.

To meet ChiChi, must fit criteria above. Please fill out application at $300 adoption fee.
For more info, text Danielle at (954) 650-4859