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Chico for Adoption!

Chico is a three legged chihuahua that is 3-4 yrs and weighs 7.5 lbs. Chico was turned in to a clinic with a broken leg left untreated to the point an infection set in his leg and it needed to be amputated. First fearful that you too may be a bad person, then super happy and friendly. Chico is super affectionate and protective of his family. He loves going for walks, playing, and cuddling. He gets along with cats and the ideal home for him will not be with young children. No more than 1 other dog as he gets possessive of his owners in a typical chihuahua style. $350 Adoption fee includes vaccines, neuter, dental, heartworm test, fecal exam, and microchip. For more info call/text Stefanie at 954-562-8813 or email For an adoption application go to