Thank you in advance!

501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.


Do you love animals? Do you want to help but can’t foster? Or maybe you can’t foster and want tohelp fill other roles at the rescue? We are looking for big-hearted, animal loving people to help us help animals in need! Please complete our volunteer application. Here are a few things we are looking for:


Have the time to drop off a dog for a spay/neuter appointment? Or to pick up? It’ll take just an hour but helps us so much! Please fill out our volunteer inquiry to help with things like that, and also make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page which is where we often request that kind of help!

Home Visits

Each of our adoptions require a home visit, so we need people in areas all over Florida who can devote an hour or so of their time to ensure the home that is adopting one of our pets is a deserving one. This is so important!


Are you an outgoing person who would love to get out and meet new people? Do you want to use your people skills to help further our cause, and help homeless pets find their forever homes?

Special Projects

Are you an artist? Have a knack for marketing? Want to do a supply drive? Have a special skill that could help us? We really need your help!

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in helping Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue. Please fill out this application to help us find the best fit for you!



Do you agree to follow all instructions and procedures as described by the staff at Saving Grace in order to make your volunteering experience the safest and most enjoyable it can be? 

Not following procedures, especially around animals with which you are not familiar, can lead to property damage and/or bodily harm to you and/or other animals. 

Please initial below to confirm your understanding and agreement.

I agree to hold harmless Saving Grace, its Board of Directors, their successors, heirs or assigns, any agent carrying out duties on behalf of Saving Grace, and any and all participating persons who might be claimed to be liable, whether or not herein named, from any and all actions, causes of action, lawsuits, claims and demands which I now have or may hereafter have, arising out of, or in any way relating to, any and all injuries and damages, to both person and property, and also any and all injuries and damages that may develop in the future, as a result of or in any way relating to my participation as a Saving Grace volunteer or foster home.

I fully understand that Saving Grace makes no guarantees whatsoever as to the health, temperament, mental disposition and training of the animal(s) and understand that Saving Grace makes no representations or guarantees about any animal’s temperament and that any comment that an animal may be good with children or other animals or is housebroken is based upon information provided by previous owners or shelter notes and not a guarantee. I am aware that dogs may cause property damage or personal injury to myself, my family or others. 

I have carefully read this Agreement/Release and fully understand its contents, and sign it of my own free will.